About TMS

Since 1965 Tribune Media Services (TMS) has provided world-class TV and movie data to clients whose business depends on the accurate, engaging display of entertainment content. TMS is changing its name to Gracenote, as we are now one team and one brand with a single, unified vision to be the leading provider of metadata for music and TV. Over the next few weeks, we will integrate the TMS brand, including our Web site, email addresses, sales and marketing, customer support and other functions, under the Gracenote brand. Learn more >>


Superior Data Quality

Strict editorial standards and carefully designed schema are the key drivers of our quality promise, a commitment that is put to the test by hundreds of millions of consumers every day. Integrated data sets and clean business logic are the hallmarks of TMS.

TMS Unique ID

Unique Connectivity

The TMS Unique ID, our industry's gold standard for synchronized data, creates seamless connectivity among multiple data sets for an unlimited variety of output scenarios. Our wide reach enables clients to easily plug-and-play with third parties and to increase their own value as connected businesses.

Always On

Exceptional Customer Service

With an average tenure of more than 10 years, the TMS staff possesses a deep knowledge of our products, clients and industry. This expertise is matched with a culture of 24/7 customer service. Clients repeatedly point to our knowledgeable, attentive service as a true competitive differentiator.


Visionary Approach

Ours is a quickly evolving industry with distinct opportunities and risks. TMS’ proven track record of delivering timely value and anticipating next-generation solutions endows our clients with the strategic confidence they need to make their own businesses thrive.


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