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Quality data and cloud-based delivery from the world's leading provider of data for movies and TV.

Tribune Media Services helps businesses turn consumers into loyal fans with data that fuels the most exciting entertainment guides and UIs on the planet.

The On® Entertainment data set guides viewers to what's on with TV schedules, theatrical movie showtimes and indexed locators for online video and VOD. On Entertainment also enables content discovery with textual and visual data such as classified keywords, recommended titles, TV images, movie posters, sports logos, celebrity details, mediographies, plot summaries, cast & crew info and much more.

Easy, flexible and reliable delivery is available via OnConnect Managed Services, our exclusive Data as a Service platform that combines Media Cloud with a powerful set of data delivery APIs.

  • Media Cloud, a robust hosting service for visual data, relieves the costly overhead of ingesting, storing and serving images.
  • Data-delivery APIs accommodate specific granular requests for the most popular combinations of TMS data, enabling rapid development of innovative mobile apps.

Hosted on commercial grade platforms, OnConnect is designed to scale to millions of simultaneous users.

Data that Drives Consumption

Across the landscape of video entertainment, new technologies and innovative concepts are changing the way consumers enjoy movies and TV:

  • Today's viewing experience is shaped by endless combinations of time, place and platform.
  • Content selection is influenced by recommendations from machines and humans, strangers and friends.
  • Mobile devices have given rise to dual-screen behaviors that divide the viewer's attention while also providing the potential for a highly immersive experience.

Our customers rely on On Entertainment to fuel a wide range of guides and also to build amazing apps and UIs. With a focus on supporting innovation and scalable growth, TMS provides unmatched depth, breadth and quality that can make your business thrive.

Normalized Data You Can Trust

On Entertainment includes millions of data elements covering decades of entertainment content. Strict editorial standards and carefully designed schema are the key drivers of our quality promise, a commitment that is put to the test by consumers worldwide every day.

  • The TMS Image Standard eliminates the risk of stretching or cropping in image-rich guides.
  • Consistent attributes reduce the complexity of engineering for a wide variety of UIs.

Simply put, integrated data sets and clean business logic are hallmarks of the TMS experience.

Synchronized Data You Can Leverage

To successfully grow your audience for entertainment UIs, connectivity is key. Unique identifiers that synchronize related content are the essential ingredient for bringing consumer experiences to life.

The TMS Unique ID is the gold standard for synchronizing entertainment assets. This proprietary data makes it easy to realize the full value of On Entertainment.

  • Integrate internal data sets to provide great navigation, facilitate recommendations and surface new content.
  • Plug-and-play with industry partners to enrich your consumer UI and increase the value of your brand.

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