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When it comes to TV and movies, we've got the goods.

For nearly 50 years TMS has been at the forefront of data collection to drive the consumption of entertainment content. Today this expertise – and the irreplaceable On Entertainment data behind it – provide comprehensive coverage of the most popular TV and movie programming worldwide.

On® TV

Recently the very definition of TV has evolved. Television content today is delivered through scheduled airings and on-demand availability by an increasingly diversified set of providers and devices. TMS supports the business models of TV by enabling seamless multiplatform experiences that satisfy viewers who simply want access to the content they enjoy.

  • Lineups and Listings for scheduled content from cable, satellite and over-the-air distributors
  • Online Video Data (OVD) for over-the-top (OTT video) content from online providers
  • VOD Program Services for video-on-demand movies, shows and premium content
  • In-depth program data such as episode description, video format, qualifiers and genres
  • Rich textual and visual data such as celebrity details & mediographies, classified keywords, editorial recommendations, online social data, TV images, movie posters, sports logos and info on awards, cast & crew.

On® Movies

Movie fans appreciate getting the full picture on the latest feature films. TMS helps you deliver with the complete solution for theatrical movies.

  • Theatrical movie showtimes localized by ZIP or geopostal code
  • Future Releases
  • Fandango ticketing service
  • In-depth movie data such as release date, video format, plot synopsis and genres
  • Rich textual and visual data such as box office results, movie reviews, movie posters, scene stills, celebrity details & mediographies, classified keywords, editorial recommendations, video trailers and info on awards, cast & crew.

Advance Planner

Advance Planner identifies highly anticipated programming as soon as preliminary release dates are announced, up to 365 days in advance. This data provides a head start on promotion of "must watch" content, securing customer loyalty and leveraging media buzz. Various program types are included:

  • Holiday specials and other specials
  • Series premieres and finales
  • Season premieres and finales, including returns from hiatus
  • Notable episodes
  • Sporting events
  • TV premieres of theatrical movies
  • Made-for-TV movie premieres

NOTE:  TMS is a worldwide provider. Not all products are available in all markets.

Focus On: Online Video Data

With the wide availability of content online, fans are increasingly turning to the web. Most viewers are catching up with the latest episodes or entire past seasons of programs they've missed. Are you able to offer the guidance they need?

Navigating the online video landscape is no easy task:

  • Different formats, providers, paywalls and devices have created a highly complex space
  • Descriptive information is inconsistent or incomplete
  • Duplication must be managed, links must be refreshed

If your business depends on successfully meeting these challenges, rely on Online Video Data (OVD) to get the job done.

Got Social?

Social TV is here to stay – are you leveraging the latest frontier of TV consumption? Get social and add excitement to your UI with integrated ratings and social interaction for shows and movies on the most popular sites.

TMS synchronizes TV shows and movies with official content from the most popular social and data sources, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • IMDb
  • Rotten Tomatoes
  • Wikipedia

Control costs and build user engagement by harnessing the Social TV buzz!

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